Friday, January 22, 2016

The Dire Grem - Concept to Complete

Over the last year or so I've been crossing the divide into miniature design, providing concept art for several new miniatures. I really get a kick out of seeing a concept of mine turned into a three dimensional object, and the idea that these miniatures will be gracing gaming tables for years to come gives me a little glow.

The original concept.

One model I've particularly enjoyed seeing move through this process has been the Dire Grem for Macrocosm. The Dire Grem is part of the Grem Alliance, which have just been released. Essentially a  sci-fi troll, it's not something I had seen done before, so it was great fun coming up with one. Added to that the sculpt was created by Diego Serrate, one of my favourite modern sculptors. Seeing the concept pass through his hands into a green was a pleasure.

The final painted versions you can see here below, with some of the variant heads. With their release, this trio of hungry nutters is now off into the wild to join armies and warbands in need of some muscle. Sniff! They grow up so fast!

Heavily armed, and not a braincell between them.

Wayland Games

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