Wednesday, December 21, 2016

It's Christmas on the Mumblings - Chaos Style

I've painted this festive fellow up for the Scale Creep Christmas post. I've not had him too long, having spent a good long while tracking him down. He's a lovely chunky old chap, and after battling flash and mould lines, he was painted up in utterly traditional Christmas colours, which seem to make him a devotee of Khorne. There are some mind-bending nooks and crannies to get paint into, but he's such a nice sculpt I didn't mind too much.

I have never used snow effects on my bases, but I had some Hudson & Allen slush and snow that has been in my basing box for years. I put down a layer of slush, then when that way dry I added the snow. I thought of adding some glitter into the snow mix for extra Christmasness, but then I forgot. Still, the sparkle from the slush is plenty shiny anyway.

So, with that, I imagine this will be my last model of 2016. It's been a productive year. I'll most likely do a look back over the year soon, and think about the projects for 2017. There are already more lined up than I have the possibility of completing. Anyway, thanks for reading, and a Merry Christmas to all the readers of the Mumblings!


  1. He certainly has a very festive grin on his face doesn't he :)

    Like the red on his jacket, very vibrant.

    Top job Saturday :)

    1. Thanks, I've been keen to paint a Christmas mini for some time now, it's good to finally tick that box.

  2. Nice work. I like the blue in the white trim.

    That model looks pleasingly sinister. It doesnt look exactly like the character of Der Kindestod as shown in Buffy many years ago, but he has some of that delectably creepy vibe, which is a good thing.

    Happy Xmas!

    1. Thanks a lot. Once the happy Christmas colour scheme gives way to the variety of unsavoury details on this dude it does make him a rather unsettling chap.

  3. It's a little known fact that Santa was one of the original Chaos Gods....

    Top stuff!

  4. Yes, he seems to have gifted me with the mutation 'more belly' over the festive period.


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