Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Battles with the Butterfly

Come at me bro. You can't beat the butterfly.
No miniatures for you guys today. Today it's time for a meandering ramble on the wealth of gaming goodness that can lead to hobby paralysis. Read on for pure hobby navel gazing.

Still here? Must be a slow day. Take a pew then. Here, hold this. No no, it's meant to be wet.

 So, at the moment I'm trying to break in the hobby butterfly and get saddle on the damn thing. I've reached that critical juncture where I can't justify starting any new projects until I've gotten some existing ones to a level I'm happy with. There's just... too many.

It's a time where my every niche preference has been fully catered for. Well, almost every preference, but that's a discussion for my OTHER blog. Want fimir? Here you go, Forge world now offer a small but hopefully growing selection. (It's too much to hope for a plastic box of fimm warriors. Or is it GW? Eh?) Genestealer cult? There you are, a plastic box set for every type of hybrid, upgrade sprues and all the characters. Gone is the time I would hunt across the web for appropriate bits for 3rd generation Ymgarl hybrid, though that was fun, to be fair. Like War of the Worlds and Mars Attacks? Why here are entire ranges of kits to keep you going for decades. Add to that my love of undead, and I can get undead humans / orcs / elves / dwarves / goblins / skaven / ogres / cowboys / astronauts / Napoleonics / policemen / dogs / trolls / clowns / pirates / fairies / halflings / gogodancers / etc infinity.

So, with this deluge of gloriousness, what's a man to do? Start one project after another is what. Go from game to game like a sugar frenzied five year old running madly to every gaudily lit multi-coloured stand at the county fair.

While my fimir are already a decent force, I have a BIG box of stuff I'd like to add to them. I could triple the size of the army without reaching the bottom of that box. Fianna fimm and nobles are something I'd love to add next. My genestealer cult is looking embarrassingly tiny, and again, BIG box of stuff waiting. My Shadow Empire project has cavalry, chariots, vampires and undead snakemen to add. My Khorne Age of Sigmar Skirmish warband is almost there, but I have plans to expand it to Paths to Glory size. My undead are singing their siren song, and that Frostgrave warband want to expand to a Dragon Rampant size army. There are a raft of secondary projects too, Martian tripods, undead astronauts, zombie Russians, Chaos renegades, but we won't go down that rabbit hole.

My gaming pals are also constantly providing mojo for new projects with the continual supply of lovingly painted minis. This is a boon to me, as a gentle kick up the arse combined with group projects has increased my output no end. I don't get a ton of hobby time, and I'm relatively slow, so that's a big plus. They too give provide temptation to stray from the path though. There's nothing wrong with taking a break to work on something new, big projects can be draining, but too many unfinished projects can be a mindworm.

Anyhow. I'm working on some of Blood Moon Miniatures new Bog Raiders at the moment, as well of Oakbound's OOP fimir piper and Krakon Games' Goll warrior. (I'm finishing something else first, but more on that down the road.) See what I mean? Three separate companies making fim... I mean cyclopean swamp dwellers. Niche catered for. The Bloodmoon miniatures are really very nice indeed, sharper and more defined than the original raiders. I've wanted to paint up the Oakbound piper for years, he's a lovely mini, and the Goll, he looks like a perfect shearl to me. Some pics once they get to pics level.

Once all those are done it's time for a think on what next. We're in a golden age for the hobby, there's so damn much it makes your head spin.

Maybe I'll do some Shadespire warbands...


  1. good to see someone else has caught 28mm ADHD!

    The only good news you calm the voices with one brush stroke at a time.

  2. Follow the butterfly, anything done is a step forward in our hobby !

  3. I adopt the approach that it doesn't matter what I paint, as long as it's something. Spending time painting is the hobby, not completing a big collection.

    1. Wise words. I'm trying to achieve the balance between working on interesting minis and getting playable forces together. Maybe I'm focusing too much on the latter. Once it starts to feel like a chore it puts me right off, but then, those chaos warriors won't paint themselves.

  4. Good advice above.

    I am more productive when I jump from project to project at will (rather than due to schedule). After blogging and recording for several years now, I have the data. It's incontrovertible.

    So I look after the small projects and let the big projects look after themselves.

    Bite sized chunks have a way of coalescing into bigger ones on their own. Forcing it is counterproductive in my experience.

    So give a couple of hybrids raccoon skin hats and stetsons, maybe a huge moustache and they can be the miners union in Dr40kulas America.

    It will all work out!

    1. You guys talk sense indeed. It's been a case of not seeing the wood for the trees in some respects.

      That's not a bad idea on the GCult. You know... a mounted hybrid would fit right in there eh?

    2. That's the first time that a mounted hybrid has appealed much to me :)


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