Friday, December 22, 2017


It's Festive mini time on the the Mumblings! Last year I painted the venerable Chaos Santa, and so this year I thought I'd continue the tradition and paint a companion for him. I'm not sure where this little fellow came from, I have a faint recollection he was a gift from some kind soul. In any case, he made for a fine buddy for big crazy Santa.

He painted up ludicrously quickly. With all the nuts, bolts and cables he painted himself really, allowing me to concentrate on making that nose super shiny. 

I had a wee package of Xmas goodies arrive from the Twisted Christmas Kickstarter last week as well as an undead Santa from Foundry, so I have plenty of options for adding some more goons to the gang next year, maybe even the mighty Krampus himself.

Merry Christmas from the Mumblings!

That's it R0-Dolph, lead me to where the children are hiding...

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