Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Shadespire - Petitioner 1

So, I've painted a model I bought only recently. What? Crazy! Surely the sky, surely it is falling. I've been quite enamoured by Shadespire, and I love the Sepulchral Guard set. They're amazing miniatures. This is the first model from the faction, a lowly petitioner. I used my tried and tested bone technique on him, and use my ages bronze recipe from my terracotta warriors on his shield and sword hilt. The hit of green from the bronze sits nicely with the orange/red rust and on his tattered, what? Loincloth? Shorts? Baggy trousers?

The base is already sculpted, so I just added a few old leaves.

Painting this guy has me wanting to get the rest of the set on the table. You gotta be careful assembling and cleaning though, this guy is quite fragile with all his thin parts. With Legions of Nagash out too, jeez, well, undead have always been a cherished faction of mine. Once the book arrives it'll be hard to resist getting a warband together. For now though, I'll paint this guy some mates for Shadespire.

Wayland Games

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