Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Circus of Corruption - Mungo Silenbritches

This handsome fellow is Mungo Silenbritches from the Circus of Corruption Kickstarter from Old School Miniatures. I was fortunate enough to snag a preview copy of Mungo and get him painted up just in time to not help the Kickstarter in any way at all. (It finished up a couple of days ago.) You CAN still order the Circus from the website at KS prices though, here's the link. My fellow Scale Creeps, those faster and more diligent with the brush than I posted a selection of Circus of Corruption miniatures last week, you can check these delights out here.

Mungo is probably my favourite mini from the set thus far. He's one of a pair of strongmen. There are many circus favourites in the range from acrobats to stilt walkers (if they are stilts).

I had a great old time painting Mungo's pasty rancid flesh, boils and guts. He's so damn fun. I added a couple of wee rats to his base, hoping for a tasty bit to drop off. That's one hell of a hernia he's got. Just goes to show, make sure you know what you're doing with those weights. 

I have another pair of Circus members on the painting table, a tumbler and a puppeteer. It would be very easy to keep going, these are very fun minis. I'll have to wait until the rest of the kickstarter arrives though.

I hear there's even an elephant.


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