Sunday, September 16, 2012

Scenery - Hudson & Allen Tower Keep

I'm taking a brief break from the fimir to finish up a scenery project for a friend. It's a castle, the rather groovy Hudson & Allen six section one. First though, I'm going to test out my castle painting mojo on the tower keep. You can see the work in shot progress here. It's a big bugger too, 8.5" in diameter and 8.75" tall, plenty big for a war machine, monster or sun lounger. The watchtower scenario will have a tower worth fighting over from now on...


  1. Wow that's nice. Is the keep part of the Hudson & Allen 6 piece? You make it sound like it's from a separate set.
    Great paint job. It was probably a pleasure to blast through that after so much painstaking fimir!

    1. Cheers dude. It isn't part of the castle, it's actually a separate piece. I should have it done by the weekend for the siege game.

      It was nice to use a large paintbrush to drybrush it. Thing is, the castle has bloody interiors, a drawbridge, portcullis, fecking chains and all! My poor fimir are going to be feeling neglected.

    2. Ah sure'n the keep looks great, too big for a wizards tower? Never mind the rest of the 6 piece, unless you're being paid in actual gold.


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