Thursday, September 20, 2012

Scenery - Tower Keep Finished

Well, the keep is finished. Not much to it really. I added some slight weathering along the base of the tower just to break up the grey stone a little, and I finally tried out some spray matt varnish. There's no way I was brush varnishing this thing. I used Windsor & Newton all purpose matt varnish, and it went on a treat, so happy days. I've all the paints and techniques I need for the main event, the enormous Hudson & Allen castle, which I'll start on next week, so be prepared for some serious masonry on the mumblings for the next while.


  1. Looks great, both the redish mud weathering around the base and the grass on the steps. Make sure you get pics from this weekends game!

    1. Cheers Craig. There will be a report on Campaignhammer come Monday. Could be the end of the whole thing!


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