Saturday, January 15, 2011

Vampire Counts - Ghouls & Gulfs

I've been having great success in 8th edition with a list I trotted out in my first game of 8th. So much so I've generally decimated my opponents, bar one almighty beating at the hands of an ogre army, which was a steamroller. Now, in retrospect, there were a few rules that weren't played correctly that game, but even so I don't know if I would have held out. However, I still haven't been able to justify changing the list much.

I field a caster lord with forbidden lore, master of the black arts and summon ghouls as well as the talisman of preservation, armour of silvered steel, biting blade and the ironcurse icon. Two units of thirty ghouls, bsb with Drakenhof banner, infinite hatred and supernatural horror leading one of the ghoul units. Twenty grave guard with wight king with sword of kings, (his most notable kill being a dwarf lord, ah delicious memories) banshee with three wraiths, fifteen skeleton spearmen with necromancer with dispel scroll and two vargulf.

I'd like a bigger unit of grave guard, but it's hard to find the points in this list. The spearmen are just to ferry the necromancer. The vargulf have proven themselves over and over again. Using two gives me a lot of manoeuvring power, and they generally stick close to each other. The bsb in the ghoul unit. Most folks field the Drakenhof banner in a grave guard unit, and this is cool, but I find ghouls with regeneration can stand up to almost anybody when they are led by a vamp. The terror from the supernatural horror for the bsb, the banshee and the vargulfs usually sends one or two units running every game. The only unit that I'd like to beef up is the lord's ghoul unit, but summon ghouls generally makes up for that.

I have been considering a new lord. Frost blade, Red fury and infinite hatred, stick him beside the bsb. Think of the possibilities...

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  1. Damn your delicious memories! I remember the sword of kings, with an uncomfortable tingling around my neckline.
    Funnily I haven't taken any 'immune to killing blow' type armor since then - you'd think that would have convinced me.
    Still, I'm looking forward to our text tangling of horns.


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