Friday, November 25, 2011

Siege Rules - Blood in the Badlands

In  the continuing series of  'out of nowhere' releases from GW, we're getting the first reports of a new hardback campaign book for warhammer called Blood in the Badlands on warseer, the first of several, according to rumour. The blurb goes thus:

'Blood in the Badlands is a 96 page hardback campaign book for Warhammer. Inside you'll find new background, a complete set of campaign rules, four massive multi-player scenarios, a Warhammer Siege expansion as well as additional rules for playing Warhammer in vast caverns below ground. All this is framed within an exciting studio campaign, as eight players, including the White Dwarf team, seek to carve out the largest empire so the ensorcelled castle, Fozzrik's Flying Fastness, will land in their realm and its amazing treasures within can be claimed.'

At £20, this seems a pretty decent price for what sounds like all sorts of fun. I'm a major siege fan, so I'm hoping there might be a plastic kit or two to go along with this release. I'm hoping naval rules are coming along in this series too, and I must say I'm loving the direction GW are taking with 8th ed. I can barely keep up with all the warhammer goodness flowing out of Nottingham these days. Long may it continue.

Wayland Games

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