Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Vampuary - Confirmed

 The latest rumours from Warseer seem to be confirm the vampire counts as the next warhammer army book release, in January. It seems vampire counts players are in for quite the treat in the new year. I am agog with anticipation.

New info on vamps, all appears to be 100% accurate:
  • They are coming January (100% now)
  • Mortis engine/coven throne (unsure if this is final name) - plastic kit. apparently HUGE. We may be talking arachnarok base for this thing...(edit: thinking a bit more about it, it will probably be a chariot base like the sphinxes; but I think these things will be bigger than your average chariot from what I've heard)
  • Wraith riders/black knights - confirmed dual plastic cavalry kit
  • Monstrous infantry unit (unsure of name) - plastic kit. Has option for wings. Adding the wings is probably a unit option and may not be a completely separate unit.
  • New finecast krell model
  • Black coach is indeed getting finecasted (damn Harry being right again)


  1. Obviously interested in everything in the new VC book, but I'm really looking forward to seeing the models for the new wraith riders.


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