Monday, May 21, 2012

Chaos Dwarves - Wolf Trade-in

I had a chance to test an idea today, one I had as soon as I set eyes on the Fenrisian wolves set a while back. All I needed was a hobgoblin wolf rider. Easier said than done though, there's quite the brisk trade in hobgoblins on the old ebay. Being the masochist that I am, I'm slowly building up units of original hobgoblins rather than convert my own. Eventually though, I managed to snap one up for less an insane price, and lo, I could test this idea of mine.

Huzzah, he fits!

Now, he needs a little nip and tuck (after his dettol bath), he's a little far back on the wolf, and perhaps some other doodads added on, blanket, couple of bags maybe, but he fits. I love the old school, but sometimes the new school comes out with something truly groovy. Look at his rather sad looking original mount beside the lean savagery that is the new wolf. No contest, methinks.

Now I just need to snap up another four of these elusive hobgoblin riders and we're go for irritating hobgoblin chaffery.


  1. VERY nice. As a huge fan of the new wolves, I think it looks great.

  2. Great mix of the new and the old.

  3. Great stuff Mr Saturday, that wolf does look how you'd expect them too. All nice and bestial. I look forward to seeing it painted!

  4. Me too Kuffeh! It'll be a while, I still need to pick up the rest of the unit, and there's the matter of a fimir army before that...


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