Friday, May 25, 2012

Fimir - More Basing Shenanigans & Severe Temptations

You join Mr Saturday today as I take refuge from the wondrous sunshine on a day off. I do love me some sun, but only for so long before I can feel my skin begin to smoulder. So, afternoon siesta time.

After my recent foray into water effects on my movement trays, I decided to take a look at Base-X-of-War's resin base range. I had picked up some of these a while ago, but only recently gotten to paint some up. I must say, I do love their stuff, the range is increasing all the time and they are pretty inexpensive.

The swamp bases all have recesses for adding water effects, similar to the movement trays. You can see the latest fimm here on the base-x base waiting for the water to be added. This will be tinted to represent boggy water. I'm quite looking forward to seeing how this turns out, as I was very pleased with the result on the trays, and the meargh base's main feature is the bones of old sacrifice's peeking out from the brackish water at her feet.

And onto the subject of temptation. I'm sure anyone reading this who's ever painted an army knows there are times where the urge to switch to a new project is almost overwhelming. I have been subject to this of late, where the lure of the vampire counts almost turned me away from the swamp-dwellers. IN fairness, this was mostly due to me trying to figure out how I could get an army ready for an upcoming tournament in September, and I imagined it would be easier to round out my vampires with a couple of new units.

Crypt horror goodness. So tempting...
However, after some thought, and splendid advice from my sister, who is herself a gamer and understands the sensitivities of such a decision, I instead decided to use this as stick to make sure I finish enough of the fimir army to make the tournament. So, I now have to finish the fimm unit, the meargh, Crom, a unit of fianna fimm and more if I can to ensure the Fir Domhan make their tournament début this September.

Brushes up to 11...

Wayland Games

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