Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Building Armies - How Long, and How Many?

It's a quiet time in Warhammer at the moment. With 6th edition 40K about to launch and the next army book a ways off, there's a bit of a lull on at the moment, bar the new orc characters out this month. (The savage orc hero is marked for conversion in into a fimir fian to lead my second fimir unit.) With no new shiny to distract me, I've been looking at what armies I'm building, and how long it's taking me, and it's taking me way too long.

I have three armies I've settled on for warhammer. The fimir, the chaos dwarves and the vampire counts. My first love was the vampires, or the undead, as they were simply called when I first started to play them. I built my first undead army back the 80's, and since then I've been a huge fan. There's something about endless ranks of the dead bearing down inexorably on the living that punches my ticket.

About ten years ago I started a new vampire counts army. It still isn't finished. Yep, you heard me, ten years. Now, I might have been less than strict about getting it done, but still. As it stands, the army still has only four units and two characters painted, which is shameful.

This state of affairs changed in at the start of January 2011, when I decided to settle down with my three army choices and get cracking. I put the fimir first, as I'd long been wanting to build the army. It was an ambitious project, with no dedicated models I'd have to convert pretty much the whole army, but it was the wow project, so off I went. It took a few months to work out what way to build the army, get the bits, sculpt parts, make moulds and so on, but it went well. Now, nearly a year in, I have half the army built, and the first unit is pretty much painted and ready. Good going for me, but still really slow. I see other folks churning out entire armies, and really nice ones at that, in the same time. I guess I would paint maybe 3-5 nights a week for about two hours, so what the hell?

Paint me human, paint me damn you!
Now, I am pretty dedicated to getting this army done. I imagine it'll take another year to see enough done to bring it to 2,500 points, and I am planning on the first tournament this September. I just can't figure out what takes me so long. The prospect of a deadline has lit the fire a little bit, but I can't really pack in any more time than I do already. I wonder, does anyone else find this, or am I exceptionally slow at painting minis?

I think three armies is plenty for now. There are half a dozen other projects I want to do, like my all Tzeentchian warriors of chaos pilgrimage army, Orc and goblin Leonardo army, Drakenhof Deadskins undead Bloodbowl team, etc etc, but I am ignoring it all for now. How do people resist distraction? I know it's a common problem getting lured away by the shiny, but I'd love to hear how folks stay on project and get it done in a reasonable amount of time.

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