Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Incoming - 6th Edition 40k

Usually these days seeing a 40k release promotes mild dissapointment as it means it's not a warhammer fantasy release. It wasn't always so.

I played my share of 40k back in the days of 1st - 3rd edition, and I've always loved the background. Lately I've been musing over what army I would take if I did re-enter the grim darkness of he 40th millennium. A motley crew of chaos degenerates would be most tempting, as long as I could mix legionnaires with human cultists and such. I do hear something chaosy is on the horizon too. The necrons are a bit of what I like, all that space undead business. But I think a genestealer coven is still my top choice, using whatever list I could hijack.

I've picked up all the books for 40k since rogue trader, so I will be picking up the new book, minus the associated dice, tape measures and such (which you can see here). I may pick up the psychic cards, we'll see. With everything on my desk screaming for paint it would be utter madness to start a new army in a new game.

Wouldn't it?


  1. Utter madness yes but hardly a reason not to LOL

  2. I play necrons and vampire counts and I gotta tell you my undead brother the necrons are really space undead. The the reanimation protocols rule makes it feel like you're raising the dead over and over.

  3. I'm doing that madness, just in reverse. I've been learning Fantasy and putting together a Dwarf army but with 6th coming out, I'm now starting on my 2nd 40k army, too. I would say it's been complicated but doable.

    Necrons might be your best bet, since their update had 6th in mind.

  4. I do like the necrons. Were I to do them, they would have to be different from the dusty ceramic fellows you see a lot, lovely as they are. I'd need to come up with some form of technique for doing interesting corrosion, and perhaps the basing might be an ice world, or perhaps, actually, this might feed into backstory, a world eaten by the tyranids, (explains the awakening of the necrons) so bedrock with some evidence of the previous inhabitants, mangled metal etc. Ooo...

  5. "MAY" indeed, sir. I'm looking forward to see how this progresses.

    1. Slowly certainly. I'm still waiting on the book to arrive, but once it's in my sweaty paws, well, who knows?


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