Friday, June 8, 2012

Cyanide Release Dungeonbowl

Good lord! I hadn't heard a peep about this! Fantastic! Here's the link to the GW release.


I shall be taking a look at this for certain. For those unfamiliar with Dungeonbowl, here's the blurb:

For those of you not up to scratch with your Bloodbowl, Dungeonbowl is the subterranean version of this classic game of fantasy American football set in the Warhammer world. The premise of Bloodbowl is simple: you pick up the spiky ball, punch and kick your way through the opposition's defence, run the length of the pitch and score a glorious touchdown. You then repeat the process until you run out of time or both teams are so battered that they can no longer fight. Dungeonbowl is pretty similar, only that it is fought underground in a nightmarish dungeon and the ball is hidden in one of several treasure chests (booby-trapped treasure chests, no less) scattered throughout the arena.

Wayland Games

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