Monday, June 18, 2012

BastardCon 7 - LoB Invitational Post Mortem

Battling across the road.
 Well, that was fun. I arrived down at the venue Saturday morning and the set-up began. We had eight tables, (thanks to everyone who brought terrain) and with the arrival of the Last Chancers and a sprinkling of the Limerick Dice Chuckers we were off, close on twenty players in all. It was a very laid back affair, though we did keep a loose record of battle points. We had two rounds, and both my games were extremely enjoyable, despite the fact I lost both!

 Nigel of the Last Chancers (my round one opponent) wrote up a review on Wargaming Ireland which you can read here. His daemons list was quite lean and hungry, and despite some really sterling service from my artillery and sorcerer (LOVE the lore of Hashut, praise his name), the game ended in 18-2 once adjusted for SCALE. Nigel is an excellent and amiable player who knows just how to lead a K'daai destroyer on a merry dance, and I look forward to playing him again.

Paul's Bretonnians vs John's Empire
Round two saw my playing Dave Holohan of the Last Chancers and his dark elves. We drew the watchtower scenario, which is not my favourite as it requires me to advance when all I want to do is sit back and blow my opponent to paste and then pound the remains into pate with my counter-chargers. But then, battles were rarely fought in ideal locations. My destroyer performed well, rampaging through a horde of corsairs before almost sealing the deal by charging the rear of the sorceress' unit and mashing an ungodly amount of them. The iron daemon not so much, getting purple sunned as it was lining up to charge. This can't be complained about too much, as out of seven suns cast at me over two games only two caused damage, but boy, the damage. My wolf lads managed to take out a bolt thrower before being nailed to the earth by the crossbowmen. Some sneaky shades did a number on a unit of hobgoblin archers before taking out a shrieker, but my infernal guard did well, destroying a unit of black guard and almost finishing the hydra. Ash storm was again my friend in this game, what a spell.

Dave Leahy's wondrous Warriors of Chaos
With all this carnage, I couldn't make it to the tower, which was manned by a unit of crossbowmen who racked up quite a tally. I wish I hadn't forgotten my daemonsmith's look out sir from war machines. Bah! At the end, between SCALE and the points for the tower it was 15 -5, so it was back home to Zharr Naggrund for my lads to stitch up the wounds and beat the dents out of the destroyer. Many thanks to Dave for a great game.

Once round two was over, and I was the last game to finish both times, (must speed the old turns up a tad) most of the TLC had to pack for the road, but a goodly crew remained behind to talk, drink and game some more. This continued on until breakfast the next morning. Some of the events that occurred during this time must be closed to history. I just hope John's foot feels better.

Good times.

I'll be attending NWG in August, where I'm sure another grand time shall be had. I'll be shelving the sons of Hashut for that, to make way for the début of the baleful fimir of the Fir Domhan!

Boy do I have some painting to do.

So, A big thanks to everyone who came down, we had a blast!


  1. Likewise sir. I'm looking forward to welcoming you to NWG this year. The Chaos Dwarfs are very mean in the magic and shooting phases, aren't they!

    Must also discover what happened after we left...

  2. They sure are. What I need to do now is refine how to weather the storm once combat is joined and tidy up my flank protection.

    Ah yes, some events of that night have been stricken from the record, though I DO have some photos, just in case...


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