Friday, May 17, 2013

More Martian News

I heard today Mantic have teamed up with Topps to produce a Mars Attacks wargame. A little out of leftfield, but being a fan of  Mars Attacks (I liked the movie, so there) I am cautiously intrigued by this development. From Mantic-

 “MARS ATTACKS is a cult classic series that fans have been falling in love with generation after generation,” says Ronnie Renton, Mantic CEO. “Its oddball blend of retro sci-fi visuals, dark humor and over-the-top violence will make for a unique tabletop experience… our team can’t wait to bring the Martians to life in ways no one has ever seen before!”

I bought a big pile of Mantic undead, and I was involved in the Kings of War kickstarter, but I missed the boat on Dreadball. By many accounts a great game, but it was a little too clean and shiny for my taste. I'm more rusty rivets than gleaming chrome. The retro sci-fi pulp look of the Martians is pretty appealing, so I'll have to see how it pans out. Mantic seem to have a lot of balls in the air, I hope they have enough hands to catch them all.

However, if Mantic are clever enough to make clear dome helmets to pop on the Martian soldiers after you paint their heads I would be hard pressed to resist picking some up.

In other Martian news, the Alien Dungeon's All Quiet on the Martian Front kickstarter is heading toward the $150,000 stretch goal. It's been a little sluggish the last couple of days, but with the freebies being handed out at the next stretch it's getting to be a very nice proposition for all you Martian tripod fans.

With news of new factions and special characters such as the red Martian and war machines like the Thunderchild 2 land ironclad, it's evident Alien Dungeon are in for the long haul. Being a HUGE Jeff Wayne's musical fan (I detest musicals, but this one, this one has me) I am all over this like a rash. The fact the Rick Priestley and Alessio Cavatore are involved doesn't hurt none either. Check it out.

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