Thursday, May 2, 2013

Gaming Withdrawl - How bad do you get it?

Lately, real life has really taken a toll on my hobby. As I wandered the morning blog posts feeling rather sorry for myself, I thought this might make a slightly odd but possibly interesting post.

I've been so snowed under with work of late that I haven't gotten to lift a brush in a couple of weeks. I have been gaming, just, but for me hobby is my relaxation, it's like nerd yoga. If I don't get to paint for a few days, I start to twitch. After a couple of weeks, I'm ready to stab someone. I wonder, am I just particularly irritable, or does the gaming world in general suffer from gaming/hobby withdraw of one form or another if denied the use of dice or brush for protracted periods of time?


Tell Dr. Saturday... It'll be just between you, me and the internets.

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