Monday, April 29, 2013

BastardCon Lite - KnaveCon 1

BastardCon Lite, now christened KnaveCon, was held over Saturday 27th April last weekend in Limerick. €10 in on the day, it was a day of board game, coffee and casual gaming was the plan and we had an immense library of games for the day's fun. As with all new ventures, we had low expectations on turnout, but with twenty one gamers showing up we filled the room pretty rapidly.

Over the course of the day some of the games played were The Walking Dead, Axis & Allies, Smallworld, Blood Royale (I promise to read the rules first next time) Seasons, Spartacus (loved that), X-Wing, Death Angel, Mansions of Madness, Dracula and a pile of others. There was a large game of Werewolf and a now semi-traditional game of chocolate roulette.

Always hilarious.
The day was intended for playing those games maybe you don't get a chance to play often or at all. With the feedback from the day we'll certainly be having a KnaveCon 2, probably near the end of the Summer, and all are welcome! You can see more info over at The Drax Report.

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