Friday, April 12, 2013

Upcoming Kickstarter - All Quiet on the Martain Front

Kickstarter has ushered in a new age for gaming, that's for sure. I've pledged on a couple, exerted all my will to refrain from pledging on others. Every now and then though, a kickstarter comes along that brooks no refusal. All Quiet on the Martian Front is one for me. Here's the basic blurb:

All Quiet on the Martian Front is a 15mm scale sci-fi battle game that plays out the second Martian War and breathes new life into the classic earth invasion tale. Set in the second decade of the twentieth century humanity uses tanks, artillery, and never before seen technology to defend Earth from the Martian invaders. The Martians use advanced war machines, human zombie slaves, gas warfare, and worse to eliminate all humanity from the Earth. It is tanks vs. tripods, big guns vs. heat rays, and incredible heroics vs. emotionless eradication across the tattered and entrenched landscape of 1910 America.

I'm a huge War of the Worlds fan, so this intrigued me greatly. When I heard Rick Priestly and Alessio Cavatore were involved, it intrigued me even more. Then, having seen some of the images and miniatures, I was all in. ALL IN.

Setting it in America in the the early 20th century is an interesting change, but makes sense given America's industrial might gives it a decent shot at making some attempt to fight the Martians. There's some great miniatures already making an appearance and concept work for more. Look at these fellows below:

All I can say is I'm eagerly awaiting this kickstarter. The miniatures will be resin, metal and plastic, with more plastics depending on the success of the kickstarter. The starter set looks to be a complete game, with rules and miniatures for both sides. There's a feel of something special about this game, and all signs so far point to win.

In other news, look what just arrived at castle Saturday today! That's my weekend reading well and truly sorted, an old school extravaganza awaits. This book is packed with pictures of great miniatures from days gone by, as well as plenty of illustrations, miniature lists and such. Joygasm.

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  1. This looks rather exciting - especially as I've had Jeff Wayne's musical version on heavy rotation recently and even dragged my old computer out to play the game!


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