Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Curs'd Ettin - Finished

The athach is a monster from Celtic myth which basically means 'giant'.
After some weeks of effort, the ettin is finally finished. He was a very enjoyable model to work on that taught me a ton about painting larger models. He was my first forge world model, and I can agree that these are kits intended for the more experienced modeller. But the detail on the sculpt is amazing, and worth the extra effort.

Planning how to assemble and paint his loin cloth took military organisation. Pins had to be drilled where each section of the garment was going to be glued on. The four sections were then painted off the model, as there was no way to reach all the recesses if it was assembled fully before painting. Down that road lies insanity. Once the parts were painted they were glued to the pins so that they lined up exactly. Then I had to greenstuff the gaps between the sections, (greenstuffing an otherwise finished model is not for the carefree) and paint those. Finally, add goat. Actually, I added the goat to give him more of a sense of scale, as there are no indicators on the model that he's a giant. For the same reason I added the multitude of tattoos and the dead horse and orc skull to the base.

His rules are in monstrous arcana, and are pretty funny. His personality can shift leading to in-game hilarity. He's super expensive in points, but, meh. I'll use him for any kind of giant I need for the fimir. He's a really nice addition to the army, and it's given me a taste for more large scale kits down the road.

Mmm... resiny.

Wayland Games

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