Monday, May 12, 2014

Curs'd Ettin - Update 3

I've been a tad lax on the hobby front lately, trying to catch up on a few things and even watching the odd movie or two. (Let me tell you, The Road is a good movie, but boy, is it a downer.) Even so, I finally managed to finish the Ettin's base and attach it to the big naked guy. It still needs grasses, moss and such. He's just gotten his first coat of gloss varnish, and when that dries I'll hit him with the matt, before re-glossing the bog water and the ettin's mouths and eyes.

Once that's done I'll tackle the loin cloth. It's a little tricky, as it has to be painted before it's attached, as no brush in the world could reach all the recesses were you to attach it before painting. I've added a goat drinking skin from the giant kit to the loin cloth give him some context, scale wise. The tattoos will help give him a sense of scale too. They are small in relation to his arm, and there's a lot of them. The dead horse on the base should help too. I'm primarily going to use him in my fimir army as an athach or a fomorian giant, so the basing is the same as the rest of the fimir. The base skin tone is the same as my wyrm beasties too, so all that should help tie him into the army.

The next update will be the final one, with added ettin underpants.


  1. Everyone says The Road is a downer so I've never seen it, probably because my family mirrors the fictional one. Loved Stake Land though.

  2. The Road is a great film - the book is even better. In fact anything by Cormac McCarthy is well worth a read.

    The Ettin is looking great - looking forward to seeing his gruds...

  3. Jeez Warlord P, I hope cannibalism doesnt occur too regularly round your way. Maybe just at Xmas? ;)

    The Road is a fantastic film, but it put me off my post-apoc stuff for a while afterwards. It made me realise that I like my end-of-the-world scenarios to feature more buttockless leather trousers and mohawks. I own the DVD and the (unread) book, but I dont see myself ever confronting them again. It is great though. Despite the awful name, Stakeland is far better that I expected it to be, also well worth a watch.

    Speaking of downers, I just heard that HR Giger died. We all owe that guy :(

    Ettin looks wonderful Mr S, very impressive. I am very much looking forward to seeing it in hand. Great work.

  4. Aye, the road is excellent, but unrelentingly grim.

    I saw the old interwebs light up with new of Giger's death this morning. Sad times, he gave us a lot, so he did. Mostly biomechanical madness, but REALLY good biomechanical madness.

    Cheers for the kind words on the ettin. The closer I get to finishing him, the longer it seems to take.

  5. Coming along nicely. You must be going mad with the amount of skin on him. It will be good to get the loincloth on there to break it up a bit. The base is looking cool. He reminds me of Statler and Waldorf from the Muppet Show now that I see him again!

  6. Ha! He's does, doesn't he!

    Yeah, the skin was a challenge, but I'm happy with how it turned out. I'm very much looking forward to getting his loin cloth done so I can see him finished and in the cabinet.


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