Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Ettin Update, Stags & Vanishing Terrain Kits

Work continues on the ettin's skin. I have to say, I do love acrylic medium. It's a magical liquid. I've used it plenty before, but never in the quantities I'm using on this guy. I created a series of flesh washes for the initial shading that were much thinner than usual. At his size, the ettin's skin needed much less contrast than a 28mm model. I added more yellow to the mix for recesses, under the arms and between folds of flesh. substitute in red and purple for wounds and around the eyes and jowls and he's almost ready. I dirtied up his feet a little too, I wanted it to look ground in rather than filthy. I still need to do the lips, and touch up a few areas. Then onto his loin cloth, rock and goat-bottle.

In other news the wild riders images are prancing about the internet this morning. Now here's a kit I can get some use out of. I'm a little concerned the stags are too slender to mount a hefty fimir mistmor on though. I'll need to see the sprues up close. The helmets are the business. I also noticed the elf rangers have hooded heads that would make great cultist conversion bits.

Finally, it seems that a great deal of the terrain kits Games Workshop produce for both Warhammer and Warhammer 40k are being discontinued. Looking at Element Games and Wayland Games, most of the Warhammer kits are already unavailable. On the UK Games Workshop site they have started vanishing too. Kits like Dreadstone Blight are unavailable, and the old Temple of Skulls is gone altogether. So far only the barricades are gone from 40k, but I did hear kits like the Skyshield Landing Pad and Honoured Imperium are getting the chop. If you're looking to get some of these plastic terrain sets, now is the time.

I want one of these. Anyone?

Wayland Games

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