Monday, April 14, 2014

Curs'd Ettin - Update 1

The ettin, or fomorian as I'll be using him as, crawls along. I've not had much time over the last week with work, but I have gotten him mostly assembled. His lion cloth is going to be a bit of a bollox to do as it hangs loosely over his groin, well, where it would be, anyway, had he one. Gluing it on first would mean you'd need some pretty bendy brushes to get paint it the back of it, so I'll need to paint it separately and then attach it, which means pins, as there's no point gluing paint to paint. Same with the big rotty animal head and his pointy rock. I was going to give him a bigger weapon, but the angle of his arm would make it look awkward.

His base is pretty much ready for primer though, I just need to smooth it off a little. Again, I'll add pins to his feet and paint the base separately. I'm continually delighted by the detail on the model, it's just a wonderful sculpt, and it needed almost no clean-up, which is a major bonus.

More soon!


  1. I'm quite envious that you have a Curs'd Ettin.

    It looks like an utter delight to paint! :)

  2. I didn't realise how much fine texture there was on the skin of that miniature until I saw your close up of the feet. It looks really nice.

  3. Look at the detail in those legs. The vasculature is exquisite.

  4. The casting quality is amazing. I loved the model as soon as I saw it online, but in the flesh, as it were, the level of detail is just astounding. My favourite model I've gotten this year so far by a long stretch. I'll be taking my time painting this one.

  5. Im pleased to hear that the clean up was minor. Large models like that often scare me off in case the clean up portion is a soul-sucking experience.

    The pointed rock is supposed to be warpstone IIRC. Do you plan to paint it as such or would that disrupt the palette/concepts that you have already established for the army? The (relatively) small rock is an unusual choice for the models armament. Conceptually Im not sure that I exactly get why they went with that, maybe to distinguish this model for the many other large models carrying trees or menhirs.

    Will the Ettin/Fomorian have Irish complexion or will he key more directly with the rest of the Fir Domhan? If he had a thick thatch of ginger body hair then that could save you some hassle behind the loin cloth...

    I cant get images of Kuato out of my head when I look at this model
    "Start the reactor. Free Mars"

  6. The rock will be a simple ol' rock, if I leave it there. I'd love to give him summat more meaty, but the hand is a an angle that makes longer weapons look odd.

    His skin tone is still up for grabs. Probably pretty pasty, with a few purple, red and maybe even yellow washes around the eyes, hands etc. The feet will be darker and grimier. Body hair is still high on the agenda, but again, the angle of the arms prohibits pimping his armpits. His junk now, is another story. Chest hair... maybe. He's such a nice sculpt I think it's holding me back from carving into him or making big changes.

    1. Actually, now I think on it, a lot of the fimir do carry leystones. Maybe I should make it a big chunk of that? Hmm.


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