Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Nine Long Years - Wood Elves Incoming

Yep. That's how long it's been since we've had a wood elf book. I'm a little late to the party here as I've been away for the long weekend, but as soon as I plugged the jack back into my head this morning the net was agog with pictures and excited chatter about the woodies.

As a chaos dwarf player I know what it's like to spend a long time out in the cold, so I can empathise with the wood elf players, who have had to contend with an army list grown gradually more creaky as the years, and editions, wore on. There were even some cruel rumours that the wood elves would be downsized as a full army, or cut altogether. Thankfully these malicious whispers have proved baseless.

Now it'll be time to proudly don the blue woad once more and get those dusty wood elf armies to do a few stretches and a couple of laps around the pitch before unleashing them on the tabletop afresh. I've seen some pictures of some of the new releases, and the treeman looks rather fetching, and bloody tall. Durthu looks particularly splendid. The character Araloth looks pretty decent too, with the horns and wee birdy and all. Week two releases look to be another character, eternal guard (previously thought to be dropped) and the much anticipated stag cavalry. I'm personally looking forward to these, as if they are good and the right size I'll be picking up a box to convert one for my mounted fimir warlord. It seems the kits will each have two or even three units that each one can be made into, including characters, which we can see from the treeman/ancient/Durthu kit. This looks to be the way of it for fantasy now, as Games Workshop ploughs ever more resources into 40k.

All images are taken from Plastic Krak. For more wood elf images and rumours, head on over.


  1. Not convinced about Durthu with a swaord, he looks like a wooden wraithknight for me... I'll see it in real before condemning it entirely though.

    One particular thing you english speakers may not realise is that from now on, GW won't translate references like they used to which means we will get a "livre d'armée wood elves".

  2. Im glad to see that the recent concerns about the Wood Elves being axed were unfounded. Forest fey are a far more fundamental part of the elven image than say savage orcs are for the greenskins. It would be a great loss if they were culled from the available ranges.

    Its interesting that you mention the cash being funnelled into 40K at WHFBs expense. There is plenty of truth in that of course, but the fact that GW have a second core fantasy line with a lot of similarities is inevitably going to dilute player base and purchases for the sword and sorcery fanbase.

    The news that kits will feature even more options on order to make each box serve triple duties is absolutely fantastic for someone interested in skirnish style, low model count games (like me) but probably makes assembling a full army that bit more repetitive (the whole army will likely have the same three pairs of legs or similar).

    Of course this makes me imagine an Eldar "Aspect Warrior" box that covers three aspects or maybe even a Sororitas box that covers Battle Sisters, Celestians and maybe even Seraphim. I can hope.

    1. More options per kit is a win in my book. The more bits on the sprues, the more conversion meat for me.


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