Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Time & Tide Wait For No Gamer

Mmm... death.

I recently organised a weekend of gaming and general shenanigans in celebration of my upcoming 40th birthday. It was rather a LOT of fun, with games of all ilks getting played and it was great to hang out with so many good mates. This post is not, however, about telling you all how great a time we had and the fact I nearly passed out from laughing while playing cards against humanity.

No. This post is about death.

How's that for mid-life crisis?

I recently had a chat with some fellow oldhammer pals, and while discussing upcoming projects the conversation turned to the much more morbid subject of how much hobby we had left in us before the reaper decides he's had enough of our crap. It turns out some of the painting techniques we now use are employed so we can make the best of the time we have left, horrifically enough. In my youth, I would repaint figures and spend hours on skin tones, and that might be for a rank and file zombie. Those days are gone. I'm not saying I up-end cans of house paint over armies while checking my watch to see if it's death O clock, but on the edge of my consciousness the consideration that I don't have forever to get things done is creeping into my decision making.

Painting techniques that save time while still giving me great results are what I am all about now. My painting time is limited anyway, but after that rather sombre chat and the fact I'm hitting 40 has me reconsidering the projects I want to get done, and how long it's going to take for me to do them, and the way they will be painted. The days of thinking 'I'll get to that someday.' are past.  Projects I've had in the back of my head either need a time-scale, or perhaps it's time to forget about them.

So with that reality trundling about my head, I think it's time to set my house in order and get some long cherished ideas out of my head and onto the painting table. Also, check out these beers one of the fellows brewed specifically for last weekend. Magnifico, no?

It's all about me.

So, with beer and mortality I leave you for now. Enjoy your day!


  1. Wow, is that a cake? Amazing. Happy Birthday and I'm sure you enjoyed the beer too.

  2. Thats a great cake :)

    I feel somewhat responsible for the... pragmatic tone in this post. Im not always a death-obsessed, post-goth, honestly. I make jokes and admire sunsets and "stop and smell the flowers" (tm) from time to time too.

    When Im not cutting corners on my painting while nervously listening to my cells dying that is. Tackling Monte Figuero is a serious business. I have a GoogleCalendar reminder set for Death O'Clock minus twenty minutes. Woe betide anyone foolish enough to get between the Warlord Titans and the Dulux Weathershield at that point.

    I expect doubled output from here on in Mr Saturday, doubled y'hear! You have had the carrot, now its time for the stick! The universe doesnt care, but you do, so get painting!

  3. It was a pretty darn tasty skull, I must say.

    Warlord titans! Now my list is slightly longer. Argh. The fellow who said you're immortal as long as you have unpainted figures was a fool. He's probably dead too.

    I better get out the petrol engine 000.

  4. The first rule of Morbid Terror Grognard Club is "Stop talking about it and do it". Talking about the second rule is just wasting even more time.

    The third rule is "only ever blog from work". Blogging from home uses up valuable painting time.

    The fourth rule is "stop bitching about Games Workshop and start painting".

    I could go on, but work is almost finished...

    1. All points strongly agreed.
      Being slitghtly younger (32) and having started at 9, I estimate I have more modelling ahead than behind me. Seeing things this way makes it easier to swallow...
      Since we never know how much time we truly have left, I guess all that matters is that it's spent the way we want (better remorses than regrets etc...)
      You having you own beer brewed by your friends and seeing the exquisite output of yours, I feel you have no regrets to have (at least on the hobby and frienship parts)
      That was a nice looking skull so I'll raise my virtual glass to you and your Bday.

    2. Thank you sir, most kind. I am rather lucky in the friends department, thankfully. I'm at a comfortable place in the hobby, having enough minis and materials to last several lifetimes. But, there's always another technique to learn, and project to start. Which is a good thing.

  5. Your post has opened my eyes sir.
    Expect a copycat post.
    Your beer labels are hillarious. We have similair tastes in beer.

  6. I'm 12 years a head of you dave so I guess theres on point in even trying to put more models together lol happy birthday Dave.


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