Thursday, March 27, 2014

Fimir - Odhrán

The fianna fimm reboot continues. I've finished the unit champion, Odhrán the finmor. I'm much happier with the skin now, so I'll re-do the rest of the fianna to match. I added some freehand to the axe as it was a bit plain, and while I do love this model, there's some definite weirdness going on around the hand holding the axe where it meets the body. I essentially painted in some details to mask it. Here's the blurb on the fianna of the red oath for those who like a bit of background.

Fianna Fimm - An Mionn Dearg (The Red Oath)
The fianna fimm are regarded as the elite warriors of the fimir, second only to the nobles themselves. Greater in size than the more numerous fimm warriors, the fianna fimm are often found in the bloodiest fights in the battleline, smashing their enemies with mace, axe or spiked tail. The Fir Domhan boast a large proportion of fianna fimm, which adds greatly to the power of the clan. One of most renowned of these groups are the mionn dearg, or those who have taken the red oath.

These fimir have sworn to avenge some slight to the clan, whether a specific transgression or simply those fimir maddened by the wrongs done the to the fimir as a race. As the fimir are almost as prone to grudge-holding as the dwarves, this band of warriors is never short of those willing to join. They fight under the eye of Solkan, a God of law, who acknowledges the ancient grievances of the fimir but rarely intervenes unless a judgement is required. The mionn dearg are led by the hulking finmor Odhrán, a fimir who won the right to bear a belly shield for recovering a relic from the time of Fimul. Thought lost forever, the axe known as the doras an bháis, or death's door, has since been carried by Odhrán as a symbol of the resolve of the warrior's of the red oath.

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