Monday, March 24, 2014

Stripping Miniatures - No More Nitromors?

Having recently received various packages of lead-based goodness, I had call to employ the dreaded Nitromors. I usually use Dettol, but some of the latest lead treasures had substantial amounts of paint and glue on them. Nothing scours a miniature to the bone like Nitromors.

Or so I thought.

Having picked up some craftsman formula, I submerged the miniatures, confident they would be clean and shiny come the morning. To my extreme disappointment, the next day the paint had barely started to bubble. The glue had not broken down at all. It seems that the formula has been altered for Nitromors, making it really not so great at stripping miniatures any more.

Sad times.

What do I use now when I need a multi-part metal miniatures rendered down to bare metal? I have a beast of Nurgle awaiting the answers. Has anyone else noticed that Nitromors has lost it's teeth?

Wayland Games

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