Monday, April 28, 2014

Cover me in Glory, Liebster Award

The Liebsters are doing the rounds again, and this time Carsten from the tremendous Clamshells and Seahorses (best blog name ever) has seen fit to bestow the Liebster upon me. Though undeserving of such a glorious accolade, one will do one's best to muddle along.

Seems the first thing is to reveal 11 truths about myself. Hmm. Okay so. BEHOLD.
  • My real name is David. That's an easy one.
  • I live in the West of Ireland, near Lough Corrib. I used to live in Dublin, but as a pal of mine once said: "It concerns me, Dave, that you appear to be moving further and further from the prying eyes of civilisation."
  • As you may have gathered, I do love miniatures. But the new, as well as the old.
  • I've made a LOT of friends through gaming. Go to events and tournaments. Gamers are a friendly lot, if prone to shouting and sometimes trying a little too hard.
  • I've nearly died twice now. I escaped once by being rescued, the other time by negotiating. I'm so hardcore.
  • I have a genuine concern I won't get through all my bucket list projects before kicking said bucket.
  • Golden syrup and cheddar on toast. Yummity.
  • My favourite comedy is Evil Dead 2.
  • I watch Adventure Time even when the kids aren't in the room.
  • I inadvertently shouted 'Yeeehhaaaaa!' at the top of my lungs when emptying the clip of an AK47. SO hardcore.
  • Crispy baby crabs are my favourite beer snack.
There you go. Now, questions from Eval!
  • Sci-fi or fantasy? Ancient or Modern warfare? And why?
Fantasy, if I'm honest. Why? Swords.
  • How did you first get into the miniature/war-gaming hobby?
White Dwarf 95. Warhammer 3rd edition release issue. Hooked ever since.
  • What's the latest hobby-related book you've read?
The GW dwarf book.
  • What's your latest game you've played (tabletop/boardgame)?
  • Would you say you are more a collector, painter or gamer and why?
More a painter, because it's easier to pick up the paints than get a group of mates together to game.
  • Who is your favourite miniature sculptor? 
Jes Goodwin if I had to choose one. Which is hard.
  • Who is your favourite rule-book/source-book - illustrator/artist and/or writer?
Russ Nicholson, for the work he did for the Warlock of Firetop Mountain. Heavily influenced by youthful awe mixed with elderly nostalgia.
  • Who is your all time favourite miniatures producing company? 
It's Citadel.
  • What's you favourite miniatures game/rule producer?
Games Workshop. Yeah?!
  • What's your dearest item in you collection - and why?
Morbius the liche. My alter ego in my undead army for almost thirty years.
  • What recent hobby purchase do you most regret (if any)?
Don't be ridiculous.

Now to pick eleven blogs wot I like. Carsten already picked a bunch I would have, but here's what does it for me today:

King's Miniatures
The Realm of Zhu
Dave Taylor Miniatures
Sprocket's Small World
Spiky Rat Pack
Somewhere the Tea's Getting Cold
Rob Hawkin's Hobby
James Wappel Miniature Painting
Realm of Citadel
Eldritch Epistles

And the questions for these blogs that are like unto the Gods themselves.

  • What's your favourite miniature release from the last year?
  • What does it take for a miniature to make you have to have it?
  • Tell me about a miniature you absolutely hate.
  • What's your favourite piece of game-related art/illustration?
  • Who's the biggest influence toward your painting style?
  • Basing. Love it? Hate it? Don't care?
  • Oldhammer. What is it?
  • Sushi, a fan? 
  • What's your favourite cartoon series?
  • Give me a song that makes you want to throw the radio through the window.
  • What's your favourite fantasy/sci-fi race? Reasons?

Go nuts kids.


  1. Sorry to hear you used to live in Dublin, that's tragic.I couldn't do it, not ever.

    Congratulations on the award!

  2. crabs and syrup and cheese?!?! Cheers for the leibster.

  3. Thanks for the Liebster! /Hans

  4. Hi, I've nominated you for a Liebster Award - and now I see you have one already...
    I don't know if they stack, so you can just bask in the twice-awarded glow...

    1. Why thank you, kindly soul, may you live a thousand years.


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