Wednesday, July 23, 2014

BroCon 2014

Magos Kurgan (me), Captain Jameson (Just John), Inquisitor Verhoeven (Cheetor) and Zardork (theottovonbismark) for the traditional group shot.

Last weekend myself, Cheetor, theottovonbismark and Just John converged on BroCon. This follows on from our game at KnaveCon. We played two games, the first using the Pulp Alley rules, and the second using 2nd edition 40k rules. Both were highly entertaining, but the Pulp Alley game, set in the madness of Rogue Trader 40k, Get to the Chopper, was genuinely hilarious. Usually a good game was one or two memorable events, but there were several times during this game that tears were welling I was laughing that hard.

For the first game we all picked a small team to investigate the rapidly irradiating jungle for the key that opened the door of the ship waiting in the compound. With Inquisitors, Ratli - I mean Leprechans, moustachioed orks and genestealer hybrids, there was plenty of Rogue Trader variety going on.

Smell the Oldhammer
 Uncanny radiation from perilium deposits exposed by recent seismic activity (see “Inquisitor – The Ragna Rock” for details) has caused the dead of the Northern Polar continent of Krellborn IX to rise and attack the living. Being suddenly surrounded by homicidal cadavers has brought the individual agendas of the various factions currently in the area to an abrupt end. Escape is the only thing on our heroes minds and the only reliable route out is by air.
The local wildlife is also aware that death is creeping up. Driven as before an eruption or forest fire, the colourful and hostile local predators are also panicked and aggressive. Therefore the likes of enraged Death-Ferrets, Bouncers, Face-Eaters and more will have to be factored into any plan.
The single available shuttlecraft in the area appears undamaged, but access to the vehicle is restricted. Remains of the prior owners of “The Chopper” surround the local Leprechan agri-science outpost. Hopefully those remains will also be the location of the key cards that allow access to and control of the vehicle. There is only one way to find out…

The Magos and his retinue creep forward.
Zardork spies the compound in the distance while taking fire from crack-shot Leprechans.
The Helga prepares for lift-off.
The finest moustache in 40k makes it's way through the jungle.
Bedlam on the landing pad as the scuffle for keys gets nasty.
Inquisitor Verhoeven finds that getting over a chain link fence appears to be the greatest challenge of his career.

For a more detailed report on the desperate dash for the shuttle, you can read it here on Sho3box, Cheetor's blog.

In our second game, the sensei and their followers face off against each other, highlander style, and, of course, there can be only one. With some jaw-dropping ruthlessness, the sensei butcher each other while making half-hearted noises about making common cause until the end. After several turns of such carnage, sensei Ramirez emerges to claim the prize. Cheetor has a more detailed report coming for this game also.

Both games went very well indeed, and already the O'Hammerers move to plan their next outing. Several ideas are fermenting, but there may be an electronux involved...

The sensei move through the jungle to claim the holy ground.
Otto twirls his moustache while considering his next dastardly move.
Ramirez battles his final opponent.


  1. Now that is one of the coolest table I've ever seen.

    1. Paul and John (Cheetor & Just John) did a superb job with the terrain. There were even leds on the landing pad. Playing on a table bedecked with great terrain lifts the game into a whole other level.

  2. Replies
    1. Cheers Gareth. It's great to have a group that are all able and committed enough to producing this level of game, while at the same time are about as amiable as one could wish for.

  3. Absolutely wonderful, you guys have creativity in spades.

  4. That's one of the most enjoyable reports I've read in a long time Dave you guys must have had a blast, I would also agree with you about the terrain it can like you said bring a game to a whole new level.


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