Thursday, September 11, 2014

Review - Blight Wheel Miniatures

I've been amassing a lot of bits and pieces for my adeptus mechanicus genestealer cult of late, and with the huge amount of small companies providing a cornucopia of choice for miniatures and conversion parts, I thought a post or two on my experiences with them might be of use. The first of these is Blight Wheel Miniatures.

Blight Wheel do a pretty huge amount of sci-fi models and conversion parts, and for someone interested in anything cyborg or adeptus mechanicus related, they have a lot of choice. The war bot in particular is a great  model. I have noticed though, that there can be an issue with stock. I've been waiting on the bionic arms and servo arms to become available for a couple of months now, to no avail. Maybe it's a low restock and I've been missing them.

I did however order some bionic arms with weapons, Sino russia Torsos 01 and Torso kit 04 Composite armour for the Contagii. Delivery time was pretty reasonable.

Composite Armour Torsos
Sino Russian Torsos
The torsos were both good quality, with plenty of detail. They fit well with other 28mm ranges. A couple of the Sino Russian torsos were miscast, bit once I contacted Blight Wheel and sent on some photos of the affected components they sent me some replacements right away. The Sino Russian in particular are very useful for adeptus mechanicus conversions. I can recommend these pretty heartily.

bionic arms with weapons
The same can't really be said for these. The resin is pretty brittle on the set I received, and there was a lot of flash and a fair few bubbles. I soldiered on with one arm, and after a lot of clean-up and a little green stuff it turned out okay. The larger flamer type weapon was so warped as to be pretty much unusable though. However, I may have gotten a bad casting. As I mentioned Blight Wheel are good at sending replacements, so I wouldn't let this put you off completely. Caveat emptor for certain though.

Right now it seems the company is closed for holidays, so a lot of the items are unavailable. Once they open up again do take a look at the range if you're looking for that certain arm/head/torso, there's a lot to choose from.


  1. Some resins are easy to bend/stretch/twist if you dunk them in boiling water, or blast them with a hot hair dryer. They become floppy and malleable, reshape as desired then dunk into cold water to fix the new shape. Worth a try with the wonky bits!

    1. Indeed! That's how I managed to get the arm I used in shape. Nothing worse than a flaccid minigun.

  2. Good to know, I'm very intereste din their blood pact heads and I've had no response about restock, I'll wait a bit more they return form holidays then.

    Thanks for the feedback, it's always nice to have other people's views.

  3. Those problems you encountered seem to be a problem with a lot of resin stuff I have some FW stuff that after I had the model fully painted twisted & kind of ruined the model to be honest Dave.

    Anyway the work you've done on cult so far is fab so keep it up as I really look foreword to seen what you come up with next.

    1. Thanks for the kind words Frank! More horrific aberrations shortly, once the fimir paddling pools are done.

      It's an issue with resin, especially smaller pieces. I've used resin plenty in the past, the problem lies, in this case, more with the quality checking rather than any innate problem with the material itself.


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