Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Curse of the Limited Edition - Gouging

Good luck.
It's been quiet here on the mumblings of late. I've not had anything of worth to say, really. Which is odd, as there's a hell of a lot going on. The end times rolls on. I've just finished Glottkin (not to worry, no spoilers) and have started into Khaine. I'm loving it thus far, but I've been quiet here as I feel I need to absorb it all before commenting. Games Workshop's frenetic release schedule is giving the commentators little time to review before the next release. Poor us.

Anyway, onto the topic of the post. It's become ever more apparent over the last couple of months as limited edition this and limited run that has been released, that folks are more than willing to snap up multiple copies of these limited items and sell them for many times the original price. I saw copies of Khaine on ebay for hundreds of euros before it was even released. Cards for both the lore of undeath and the end times spells are going for at least triple the original price.

My question is, so what?

Now, personally speaking, I don't think this is cricket. You should only be allowed one of any limited item at the store or in your cart. I'd feel a bit of an arse buying ten and selling them on for huge profit. BUT, I don't agree with giving folks who are doing it a bollicking on social media either. If you disagree with gouging, ban it from your page/blog/site/shop or write a post, but personally I don't think name-calling on Facebook is the way to go, despite my personal feelings. In fact, I managed to snag a set of end times cards this morning, (no smugness intended) and was told one copy only. Bravo. That's the way to do it.

There is another side to this. Folks aren't forced to buy these things. Also, if I was after a chaos dwarf juggernaut I'd expect to pay hundreds of euros. Not that I would. But these sellers aren't lambasted. One reason I imagine is these sellers didn't buy 20 juggernauts the day they came out to resell them later that day for triple the price. But it's a point.

Prepare to shell out.
I'd be super interested in what the good folks out there think on this. Is it fair game, or fair play for the frenzied rush to snag the end times releases?


  1. Fair game, I reckon. A hard, ruthless and miserable game, perhaps a little like blindfolded chess against a Russian master, but one which abides to its own particular logic.

    It's a shame GW don't really seem to be very interested in their customer base so long as folk are buying the books, mind. If there's fault around, it's more to do with their sole focus on turning a profit over supporting their games or fans. But at the same time, I can't really find it in me to critisise them for trying to make sure they survive these lean times. No money = no little men for us to paint, at the bottom line.

    1. Tremendous points. I think they wildly underestimated the demand for end times products. Perhaps this will convince the new CEO that Warhammer isn't a lame duck after all.

  2. I have a mixed feeling about limited edition as well. One one hand I clearly see this is kind of crappy because it may mean an individual does not get a copy of something they want and have to deal with the secondary market. On the other hand though I clearly see that it isn't necessarily logical or practical to keep every product you produce, especially a company that is prolifically producing new products weekly now. Really it comes down to percentages. How many people really are not getting something they want? Glottkin didn't interest me, Khaine doesn't, Leviathan didn't but I ended up with a copy (long story). Now that I have Leviathan I want Deathstorm but it that may not happen.

    At the same time I also want a bunch of the first run Tyranid warriors but it is unrealistic to think they should keep making those even if they do have the molds.

    I meandered, sorry I lost my place. Anyway long story short (too long I know) I think the products just do not justify financially a permanent production value even if we don't like it.

  3. I like it now. The hobby is finally exciting again as there's so much going on there will always be an element of surprise when playing a game or even just seeing people's take on armies these days.

    I don't know if they will and can keep this up. Nor what will be the next phase but I'm enjoying the hobby and I'll take it from there. If there is one thing I'm deeply unhappy with it's the WD/Visions crap. Seriously.

    1. The new freedom with the undead, chaos and elven armies is great. A nightmare for tournament organisers, but I can field skullchuckers with my undead again, so I'm happy.

  4. The distribution method of products leaves a lot to be desired in general. It certainly fuels the furnace when it comes to the ongoing battle between the business itself and the secondary market. I think a more aggressive policy on restocking and re-releasing products in demand would go a long way to providing proper customer service to the fans.

    After reading the End Times novel Return of Nagash, which for thematic reasons includes a distinct lack of action from the Great Necromancer himself, I find myself left hankering after more from the bony old sorcerer. Inspired to now tackle the Rise of Nagash trilogy from Time of Legends, I was disappointed to see how crazy the price of these novels is on the secondary market!

    There was an omnibus release of the Nagash trilogy in 2013 yet the unavailability (this is some dire distribution) has copies selling on the black market for upward of £100! Luckily I picked up the first two books but haven't resourced a copy of the 3rd title Nagash Immortal, for much less than £25.

    Come to think of it.... Mannfred von Carstein and Arkhan the Black made less of a meal of assembling the 14 artefacts (including 9 Books of Nagash!) used to resurrect the Great Necromancer!

    1. I had no idea the Nagash Time of Legends trilogy was OOP. How maddening. I really enjoyed that series, but then, I have a major man-crush on the great necromancer. He's so dreamy.


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