Sunday, July 26, 2015

Judgement Day - Sov Judge Officer Пашков

A slightly more substantial offering this week, Sov Judge Officer Pashkov joins the ranks of the East Meg One judiciary. Since senior judge Gogol's recent defeat by the resistance, it was only a matter of time before a card carrying member of the Dictatorat was sent to restore order and discipline.

I haven't painted a human face in a while, so I enjoyed painted Pashkov's features immensely. I made him slightly haggard, as he is on active duty on the front lines after all. All that stress, and the possibility of running into Dredd would make anyone prematurely grey.

The Dictatorat in action. Solid guys all.

With Pashkov finished I've now completed all the judges from the Sov Invasion Force box. The only remaining model from the set left to do is the sentenoid robot. After that, Kazan and Orlock are available as a blister pack, and that then exhausts the Mongoose Sov models available. I have seen a Sov psychic model based on the senior judge, but I'm unsure when it will be released. I'll be picking that up pretty quickly to add to my Sov forces once it's released.

Next week it's back to Cheetor for more Judgement.


  1. Really nice work on the face. Pashkov is my favourite of your Sovs to date.

    Are you going to stick to Sovs until you have the lot done?

    There is one other Sov model, the "Agent". It seems to have been rebranded as a generic agent rather than a Sov recently, but it was originally marketed as a Sov Agent. The sculpt may even feature some Sov elements IIRC.

    1. Thanks Paul, I greatly enjoyed working on his face. As to the agent, my completionist tendencies demand I get that guy. But also an agent is a damn handy model to have.

  2. Nice work. Great to see a painted Sov Judge. Excellent bad guys!

  3. For some reason I missed this one last week Dave, as for him been old & haggard looking I now how he feels lol a nice bit of work there Dave.


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