Monday, July 13, 2015

Judgement Day Post 12 - Sov Satellat

This week I'm throwing up a cheeky submission for Judgement Day. The very tiny Sov satellat. This was originally intended to be an addition to a larger submission, but there you go. I could bore you with various excuses about life annihilating hobby time over the last week or two... so that's pretty much what I'll do.

Taking excuses as read, let's look at the wee satellat. The satellat is most associated with agent Orlock, East Meg One's finest assassin/saboteur/master of espionage, and instigator of the block mania outbreak that preceded the Apocalypse War. This little robot has gotten Orlock out of a couple of scrapes over the years, with a loud BLLLLEEEEEEEE! to warn out approaching danger.

This little fella has already seen action on the tabletop, causing much irritation to Cheetor's Judges in our initial skirmish. You can read about that here. Speaking of which, the Sovs are now at league strength. Here's a shot of the whole squad.

There are several more members of the league to be added yet, but it's pretty satisfying getting them to a gaming size force. More (and most likely more than a tiny robot head) Judge Dredd fun from Sho3box next week.


  1. Much as I would love to dish out a man sized helping of sneer at your literally pea sized submission this week, I am seriously behind in my own hobby scheduling at the moment myself, so I need to be cautious. I like the sattelat anyway.

    In addition to fitting in with Orlok a Satellat showed up in the Lenny Zero strip "Zeros 7" in 2000AD a couple of years ago, back in prog 1795. With you working on the Sovs my own East Meggers are unlikely to be worked upon any time soon, but adding a Satellat to a group of perps including Lenny and Shuggy Bear is quite high on my list of 28mm Dredd priorities.

    So y'know, I will end up submitting a satellat myself at some point.

    1. It's shameful, but it's technically a submission, and by God, I'm holding onto that technicality.

    2. Don't worry Paul I'll dish it out for you, Dave have you no shame ? that was a total cop out mate, you do know I put a lot of effort into coming off to your site & for what ?

      Only joking mate & a nice job I like the way he's coming up from the drains.

    3. Cheers Frank! And no, no shame at all.


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