Monday, June 29, 2015

Judgement Day Post 10 - Senior Judge Gogol

Senior Judge Gogol is my latest submission for Judgement Day. He gives my merry band of invaders a leader to order them about. Gogol is actually named for a character featured during the Apocalypse War series in 2000AD, albeit one with a very brief appearance. Gogol barely managed a stroll around the grand hall of justice before Dredd gunned him down and impersonated him in order to assassinate the brainwashed chief judge Griffin.

Dredd casts off Gogol's stolen cape to off the boss.
I think Gogol deserves some fun on the tabletop to make up for getting done in by Dredd. He's already been at work ordering his judges into the fray. More on that shortly, and you can also head over to Sho3box to hear the coverage from the Imperialist Western perspective.

Gogol and his squad stalk the ruins of Sector 13.

As always, next week it's over to Cheetor for more Judge Dredd miniature fun.

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