Monday, June 15, 2015

Judgement Day Post 8 - Judge Борзилов

Phew. With literally minutes to spare, Judge Borzilov is completed. This flame-throwing nutter fell due on a week replete with heavy work and family commitments, with a trip to A&E thrown in for good measure. (Not to worry, all is well.) Regardless, Judge Borzilov steps forth ready to incinerate those who dare oppose the Dictatorat.

I like this sculpt. He carries the oddest looking flamethower I've ever seen. Those gloves of his must be pretty well insulated. It looks very Carlos Ezquerra, organic and no straight lines anywhere, but to my knowledge he never drew one for the Apocalypse War series. I wanted to give the hint that it gets a lot of use, so I gave it some heat damage with sepia, purple and finally blue washes the closer to the end of the barrel I got. I highlighted the very edge with silver to show where it has burned clean.

I adjusted his legs to suit the base and give him a tad more movement. Paul had a fine idea for an addition to the bases that fits perfectly with the Apocalypse War, but that'll have to wait for a future mini.

This brings my tally to four Sov judges. Time for some leadership methinks. Next week it's back to the Sho3box for more Dredd fun.

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