Monday, June 1, 2015

Judgement Day Post 6 - Judge Александров

This week sees another Sov join the fray. Judge Alexandrov is bringing a little heat to the party. Armed with a large carbine, this judge is the first specialist to join my little invasion force. My Judgement Day posts are quite Sov-centric at the moment, soon there will be enough for a playable force. Then the invasion fun can really begin.

I added a little more to the base this time. In the back you can see a smashed Mega City One judge's helmet, no doubt blasted off it's former owner by high calibre shells meted out by Alexandrov here. I've plans for adding a few more Dredd-themed basing bits to some of the other Sov models, especially on the larger bases.

Goddam stub guns.
There are a lot of nicely themed forces playable for the Apocalypse War as well as judges. Citi-Def units and Apocalypse War resistance units are both appealing, with a nice urban camo scheme perhaps, though the khaki and black sometimes worn by American riot police is pretty good too.

And then there were three.
 Next week it's back over the the Sho3box for more Dredd-flavoured fun.


  1. Did you cheat by posting at midnight so you wouldn't have to get out of bed early on a bank holiday Dave ? lol once again a lovely bit of work.

    1. The joys of scheduled posting Frank! I was well into my cups last night at midnight, and in no state to post about East Meg judges.

  2. It's great to see these build in number and to see you stretching your colour muscles.

    What's the recipe for the red? You have got significant contrast going on, which can be tricky (my reds invariably build from black to ensure contrast).

    1. Cheers Paul. The red is thus:

      Base: Mechrite Red, Wash: Reikland Flesh shade. Highlight: Layer up to almost pure white, mostly edge highlighting on pads. Then 2 washes of Bloodletter glaze and done.

    2. Im working on a small batch of red figures for a game in August at the moment, Bloodletter Glaze has become a favourite recently.


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