Monday, May 18, 2015

Judgement Day Post 4 - Judge Лагранский

Judge Lagransky is my entry for Judgement Day number four. He and judge Kariyev can now dispense Sov-style justice to the weak Imperialists of Mega City One twice as fast.

Now that I have my scheme tied down for painting the Sov judges, he was pretty straightforward. Initially I'm hoping to keep adding Sovs until I have a group ready for both the Judge Dredd miniatures game and Pulp Alley. Such a group will be very satisfying to have on the gaming table I can tell you.

Kariyev and Lagransky hunting down the resistance.
With two street judges done, it's now time to turn to something a little heavier to give these boys some support. Next week Judgement Day continues on Sho3box. Set your clocks!

Keep firing comrade!

Wayland Games

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