Monday, May 4, 2015

Judgement Day Post 2 - Judge Кариев

я закон!
I made it to post two. Hah!

This week we have the first of what I'm hoping will be a growing faction. An East Meg 1 judge, we'll call him Judge Kariyev. I'm a big fan of the Apocalypse War series, and I do love the look of the East Meg judges. I'm hoping he will soon be joined by some further comrades, all determined to weed out the weakling judges of Mega City 1 and install a more... ordered... rule.

This fellow is a Warlord/Mongoose model. He was quite a clean sculpt, needing only very minor cleanup. I re-posed his legs and head slightly to give him a slightly more dynamic post as he steps off the sidewalk. Paint-wise I kept pretty close to the standard sov uniform, which I'm pretty happy with. You be the judge! (See what I did there?)

Next week it's over to Cheetor at Sho3box for the next installment of Judgement Day.

As to the Mumblings, in my off week I plan to work on something more in this vein.

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