Friday, May 8, 2015

BY YOUR COMMAND - Crooked Dice Cylon

Original cylons for the win yo.
If, like me, you grew up on a heady diet of shiny 70s and 80s sci-fi, you'll know why I enjoyed painting this so much. Cylons were off the charts on the cool scale, and I still can't decide who would win if a cylon centurion and a stormtrooper had a bare knuckle fight. So when Crooked Dice released this set of 'Mrk2 Argonauts' at Salute, I was all in. ALL IN.

I bought a squad on ten, 9 cylons and a centurion. There are three armed poses and two unarmed poses, for when the cylon is out at a bar or something. (My centurion will be one of these. He don't even need a gun to mess you up.) They are clean sculpts, requiring minimal cleanup and come with 2 head options. The cylon one, and argonaut one.

The scheme was super simple. Ultra shiny armour and black everything else. The armour is GW chainmail washed with 1:1 Lahmian medium and Nuln Oil. The chrome effect meant I couldn't darken the armour too much. Wash neat Nuln Oil into the recesses. Hit it with a heavy overbrush of Necron Compound, then Mithril Silver. Finally, gloss varnish the hell out of it. The black areas were wet blended up to pure white.

I intend to use these as a Pulp Alley league, so I need to tell them apart. I painted a faint A on his base, as he is trooper Alpha. Now I need to find Baltar, and some of those crazy disco-faced robots who gave the orders to the centurions with such eloquence.

Now get down to some cylon tunes.

Wayland Games

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