Monday, April 27, 2015

Judgement Day Post 1 - Judge Mortis

I've been reading 2000AD since I was eight years old, and collecting miniatures since I was twelve. Odd then, that this is the first 2000AD miniature I've ever painted. It's nothing less than a crime. Therefore, I give you the opening model for the Mumblings end of the Judgement Day challenge, Judge Mortis. The rules for the challenge are posted here.

Both myself and Cheetor of Sho3box fame are posting today, to kick things off. I've always been a huge fan of the dark judges, and Judge Mortis, while not as much of a rockstar as Judge Death, is a favourite of mine. It's the insta-rot thing he does I reckon. He sure has a way with thossseee sssinerssss.

This particular incarnation of Mortis is the original Citadel Miniatures version. He's quite small, but has lots of lovely detail. Hell, he even has a dimension jump on his belt, a vital piece of kit for your dark judge about town I feel. I have his brotherssss from the same release in stasis, no doubt they'll make an appearance of a future Judgement Day post down the line. His base is a resin Microart Studios base with some extra debris added.

Cheetor has his kick off post on Sho3box, and from now on, expect a Judgement Day post from one of us every Monday. Next week I bring you another old enemy of Mega City One.

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