Sunday, April 19, 2015

Macrocosm - Malignancy Model Review

I recently got my hands on some of the models for the Malignancy faction for Macrocosm. (The Malignancy background is really very unpleasant/fantastic indeed.) Nothing puts a model through it's paces like painting it, and I decided to paint up one of the malformed host models. He's a two piece model, the hand with the mace being the separate bit. Most of the Malignancy are single piece sculpts, however. There was very minimal cleanup with this chap.You can see him here below in all is infected glory.

Give us a twirl.
The host model was very pleasant to paint, and has lots of interesting little details. The modern/near future style weapons and ragged gear are a nice touch, and make them seem more like an alien terrorist group than an army, which is appropriate I guess. The faces in particular are very well sculpted. Overall, they just look like a bunch of total bastards. Here's another shot with a GW model for comparison. Why did I pick this particular model for the comparison photo? Oh, no reason...

So... ahm, I can see we're going to get along.
Let's not beat about the bush here. The Malignancy are undeniably useful as genestealer hybrids, and for anyone that isn't into converting, these models are a godsend. The high collars, bald bulbous heads and extra chitinous limbs are enough to get any Malignancy host or renegade into a cult only party without getting stopped at the door. Here are some of the other hosts and a brood bro - I mean infested thug. All nice, chunky sculpts that will paint up very nicely.

There are over twenty sculpts at the moment, including heavy weapons and leaders, more than enough for the core of a cult force. I can see these boys appearing on a 40k table near you soon, but with the Macrocosm rules being free to download, why not give it a blast? 

For more immediate gratification, you can also catch all the goings on for Macrocosm on Facebook

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