Monday, April 20, 2015

Judgement Day Project

It's always nice when you discover someone has the same unhealthy obsessions as yourself. In the case of Cheetor and myself, it's Judge Dredd. Why this has not translated into a massive pile of Judge Dredd minatures is down to many reasons, but none of them a worthy excuse. To that end, we have made an accord.

We have decided to embark on a common project called Judgment Day. Each of us will post a Judge Dredd related miniature every two weeks, so between the pair of us we shall be posting a new mini every week. This should lead to a sizable population increase in our respective mega cities. The rules for Judgement Day are thus:

  • Each participant is required to put up a Judgement Day blog post featuring an appropriate, not previously exhibited model, every fortnight, on the allocated Monday.  The timetable is staggered: a single participant exhibits on each Judgement Day. NB: the very first Judgement Day post on April 27th will be an exception: both participants will submit an entry on Judgement Day #1).
  • From Judgement Day #2 onward, no participant may submit two consecutive Judgement Day posts. Delays due to unforeseen real life things (death, emergency surgery, alien invasion etc) will be allowed for, but predictable disruptions (wedding anniversaries, elective surgery, Mothers Day, hangovers etc) will not. The punishment for failing to post on an allotted Judgement Day is the knowledge that you have failed yourself and the other participant: Shame of incalculable proportions follows.

Will we manage to keep the momentum up? Who knows, but it's going to be a fun time. Who's first up for the JD treatment? The jury is out, but there's a strong chance it may be a member of a certain villainousssss crew.

You can check out Cheetor's initial Judgement Day post here. Judgement Day #1 is on April 27th.


  1. Obsessions are perfectly fine in my my book when they involve Judge Dredd.

    A fair bunch of us will have a truely deep interest in what come out of this project of yours.

    1. It's quite exciting. I've been digging out minis I've been intending to paint for some time.

  2. I am looking forward to this. You and I approach painting quite differently, but I think that this plan is feasible: one miniature a fortnight is surely achievable. I am hopeful that the tandem approach will spur us both on through any potential slumps..

    Getting the balance between painting named, "historical" characters and working on the appropriate number of generic gang members/mutants etc will be tricky I think.

    1. The extra motivation that comes from a collaborative project should speed us over any bumps.

      There's a temptation to work on the famous names, but I have a few generic sorts I'll need to splice in there to give me some numbers.

  3. Great stuff, JD is also a passion of mine so I look forward to seeing many toys painted.

  4. He's not as good as Slaine IMO, but then he is the law, so I will be watching. Don't wanna risk a night in the cubes, or worse.


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