Monday, August 10, 2015

Judgement Day - Orlok the Assassin

This week's Judgement Day offering is one of my favourite bad guys from Judge Dredd, Orlok the assassin. Orlok was an East Meg One agent who poisoned the water supply of Mega City One, leading to the mass outbreak of block mania, the precursor to the Sov invasion. He also killed Judge Giant. Yes, Orlok is a massive jerk, but he's one of the few who can go toe to toe with Dredd in a fist fight. A must have for a Sov collection really.

Suck on that Dredd.
I had a bit of a conundrum with Orlok's colour scheme. I was not in love with the colour scheme of the outfit the model is based on. Here's the original:

While I like my comic character miniatures generally to follow established colour schemes pretty closely, I wasn't going to go down this road with Orlok. He just didn't seem like a bright and lively kind of guy. He doesn't give you a fair chance to reach for your gun, he just shoots you in the head. More than once, in all likelihood. So, I had a look at the Mongoose version:

Double Nope.
No joy there either. That hair...

So in the end I went for a pretty modern looking scheme, with a worn leather jacket and boots, black trousers and gloves. I put most of my time into the face. Orlok has a very distinctive scar, and I accentuated it a tad to make it more of a point of interest. As the gear is very modern day, (If we ignore the rolled up sleeves. Orlok is so hard he can roll up leather sleeves.) I also added the smashed Judge's helmet to anchor him back into the Judge Dredd universe.

Next week it's back to Cheetor for another dose of Judgement.

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