Sunday, August 23, 2015

Judgement Day Post 18 - Karpov MF7 Sentenoid

Today's Judgement Day submission is the Karpov MF7 Sentenoid. Deployed to support the Sov invasion of Mega City One, this robot was a mainstay of the Sov forces during the Apocalypse War, one electrocuted Mega City One judge at a time.

I've been ticking away at the Sentenoid for a while now. It comes in eleven parts, and I pinned the hell out of it. It required minimal clean-up. It's attached to the base by only two of the four legs, so pinning was the only way. I wanted to go nuts on the base too. The Sentenoid takes up very little of the actual base, so I had plenty of room for a dead Mega City One judge and some Apocalypse War paraphernalia. The truly devoted might recognise the leaflets scattered about the base.

It's a very nice model when it's all together, and surprisingly large. I also tried out AK Interactive's Fuel Stain effect on some of the vents and such. It's a nice oily, glossy finish. A little hard to see on the photos, but it adds another level of interest to the model. They are oil-based, but that's no real impediment. They do a great range, so well worth checking out.

With the Sentenoid finished, that completes the Sov Invasion box minis. Here's the whole gang:

There's only one more Sov left in my radar now, the main man himself. I've been looking forward to getting a brush at him for some time now.

Next week Cheetor gives us his latest slide of 28mm Judge Dredd fun.

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