Friday, November 13, 2015

Calling it Wrong - Specialist Games

Who knew when this hastily put together missive from Australia was the herald of one of the biggest turn-arounds we've seen from GW? I certainly didn't. Looking at it, it screams troll, there are even spelling errors. I was quick to dismiss it as total guff, publicly and repeatedly.

Seems I was quite wrong on this one. I've never been so happy to be so.

As the day wore on, the rumour gained traction, until eventually, this appeared on the GW news app:

All doubt was dismissed. It's the most unusual news release I've ever seen from GW. Perhaps it was a mistake, maybe that Australian store manager is already clearing out his desk, but I doubt it. Everything about this tidal wave is out of character, from the way it was released to what it actually means. GW are resurrecting a plethora of specialist games, from my beloved Bloodbowl, Epic and Necromunda to Battle Fleet Gothic and more.

Knock me over with a feather guv, so much for the 'We're no longer a games company' schpiel.

It seems GW have cottoned on to the fact that these games are still getting played and indeed, have vibrant communities, years after they were abandoned. Looks like they want back in on the action, but hell, what a turnaround. I'll still keep a weather eye on things until I see more news, but wow, it's like 'Let's make Mr Saturday weep salty red tears of joy.' day.

Now, with mention of box sets, allow me to drift into the magical land of wishlisting. A box set for say, Bloodbowl, at the quality level of Betrayal at Calth. Lordy. New plastic ships for Battle Fleet Gothic? Even more intriguing than the potential miniatures, the resurgence in play. Getting some new blood into these games would be... epic. Looks like my titans might need an oil change.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to get my Scavvies in order, finish that Necro team and prep that Imperator titan.

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