Monday, November 16, 2015

Judgement Day Post 30 - Judge Williams

This week sees something of a red letter day in my submissions for Judgement Day. An actual judge. It was a real treat painting him, and seeing the familiar colours of the Mega City One judiciary come together as the paint went on only added to the enjoyment. I see a lot more judges in my painting future. I may even give old stoney-face himself a go.

Judge Williams here is not the most by-the-book judge, but several commendations for insane bravery have kept him off the Titan shuttle. He is currently kicking his heels as Bruce Campbell block judge, and it time he will lead an Apocalypse War resistance unit with the BC Block Citi-Def. His faithful boomsti... I mean lawrod will come in handy. It'll be...


This also defines my approach to any zombies for Judgement Day. It's deadites all round.

Next I'll be painting up one of my favourite denizens of the undercity. In the meantime Sho3box will be back next week as Judgement Day continues.

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