Friday, February 26, 2016

Introducing Scale Creep

Over the last couple of years I've become very friendly with several members of the gaming community, particularly those interested in Oldhammer. That's not to say we are purists, far from it, there is a bewildering variety of predilections and tastes in the group. So, there came a time where it was either move in together, or start a group blog. (The vote was close.) We all have our own blogs, and we figured we could create something pretty special if we pooled our efforts.

Enter Scale Creep.

Scale Creep is a group blog with a definite lean to the Oldhammer era. While there will be a lot of gaming content, it will primarily be a hobby blog, though, perhaps not dealing with things like how to glaze your Ultramarine chapter. Probably more like how to get the right tone on your orc's jodhpurs, or what kind of stains would a scavvy have on his pants, and all the glorious variety in-between.

With nine obsessive hobbyists, we're hoping Scale Creep will have enough hobby tastiness to keep you voracious beasts fed, or at least kept at bay. Our first post introduces our merry band. Go on, take a look, nobody will know. I won't tell.

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