Friday, February 26, 2016

Kickstarter - Return to Colony 87

Last year Axiom ran a very successful kickstarter for his Colony 87 series of sci-fi civilians. Designed by Will Beck and sculpted by Michael Anderson, they were an excellent range of six civilian models to add colour to your games.

These proved so popular that Axiom has just launched a new kickstarter, Return to Colony 87. With six new sculpts this kickstarter has already funded and even beat the funding total for the original Colony 87 after only one day. If you're looking for some super characterful miniatures to grace your gaming table I'd highly recommend pledging. For those of you who missed the first kickstarter there is a pledge that allows you to pick those up as well. Several of the pledges have limited places left, so I wouldn't dawdle!

All the above minis were painted by the excellent Asslessman. More of his work on Leadplague.

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